Karriall Corporation

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Every so often I am contacted by someone who actually owns a vintage tent trailer and shares their facinating story with me. In May 2011 Eric Lammes from Guymon, Oklahoma contacted me with his story about how he acquired a vintage Karriall Kamper in working condition. Eric owns and operates several businesses out of Guymon which include Corral RV Park, Corral Drive-In Theater, and Corral Pizzeria & Grill. Click HERE to read Eric's story in his own words and see photos of his trailer including some originals taken of the trailer when it was brand new. Great story!

The Karraill Kamper was manufactured by the Karriall Corporation located in Chicago, Illinois. William B. Mac Donald, Jr. of Chicago applied for a camping trailer patent on April 8, 1946 and was awarded US Patent 2,481,230 on September 6, 1949. The Karriall Kamper was constructed in the typical manor of the time with two beds that flipped out to the sides and a canvas tent top. Accessories such as a stove and refrigerator (icebox) were included with the price. The trailer was of heavy duty construction. Two models were produced, the De Luxe and the Konvertible, a dual purpose economy model.

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