By Eric Lammes of Guymon, OK

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Ok, here we go. I set the camper up today with one of our RV Park customers, and my son Jake. First trip out on the road since 77. Got its first wash, pressure washer, of course. Good friend of mine taught me that trick, and he washes his 1917 Franklin that way...

Anyhow, we run a Drive In Theater with homemade pizza and cater sometimes at local auctions. My wife decided we should start shopping for concession trailers, and I was so shocked at their prices that I began looking for an old camper to convert. That is when I got sidetracked for selfish reasons. Tin Can Tourists classifieds is good for that every time I head that direction.

This camper had no pics, on the last page, and 10 people in front of me waiting for pictures. The owner had died, and left the camper to her Nephew in Florida. Since the camper was still in her garage in Virginia, he had no way to get pics posted. So, sight unseen, and going on his word, we planned a road trip on his schedule, so we would arrive at the same time.

Of course, the car to tow it wasn't even upholstered yet, so we headed up to see the car first, drop off some interior parts, and then head to Indiana to deliver a 60's Cushman shark nose cart to an enthusiast, and finally to Virginia. Well, just like any good road trip, we had plenty to see. I always take a spare vehicle with me when we take the old motorhome, because I hate walking. Anyway, the only thing that would fit between car parts and campers was my old sportster. A buddy of mine in Alabama heard, and rode his bike up, so a quick Blue Ridge Parkway was arranged after the camper was loaded. The Blue Ridge was less than 5 miles away.

Last, the garage we got the camper out of had a collection of old plates going back into the teens, COMPLETE. Appraised at over 2k, we had to ask if we could have a 46 plate from that collection. The answer was sure, $10. Just an amazing trip.

The following four photos were taken by the original owner on the trailer's first trip when new in 1946.

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