November 22, 2013

My last posted update was August of 2012. For several months after that post I was busy living life and raising my family. About mid to late summer 2013 I began to scan brochures and continue research as time permitted. As in the past silence doesn't dictate inactivity. Since August of this year I have added so much I lost track. It's been one of the best years for attaining brochures, advertisements, articles and research. In fact I've only added about 1/3 of what I have acquired. I have enough work to keep me busy through winter. I wished I could get it all out there sooner, but at least it gives you something to look forward too. In my prior post I stated I had some ideas for the future of this website. Given the workload that lies ahead of me I will have to table some, if not most, of those ideas for another time. Right now I wish to stay focused on content, presentation can come later. The early years are beginning to reveal themselves nicely, I intend to expand them accordingly. Good detective work and a lot of elbow grease is yieldling results! Going forward I won't be updating each and every thing I add, there's simply too much. But keep checking back every-so-often as new material is always being added.

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