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In 1972 the Starcraft Company, a subsidiary of Bangor Punta, introduced the Venture line of camping trailers. Initially referred to as “little castles on wheels” the brand was designed as a luxury line of camping trailers. While Starcraft owned Venture they were separate from their own trailers and targeted customers who were willing to pay a little more for the extras. This strategy continued throughout the 1970s. By 1980 Starcraft was designing the Venture line as compact luxury trailers in response to the energy crisis experienced by the nation. The 1980s brought significant change to the Starcraft Company as it was acquired by other corporations then resold. By 1991 They ended up being owned by Jayco. As of this writing it is unclear what exactly happened to the Venture line of camping trailers. Click on the Starcraft link above for a more comprehensive summary of the company.

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