Trotwood Trailers, Inc.

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Trotwood Trailers was founded by two school teachers, Ray Kuntz and Warren Wagner, sometime during the late 1920’s and began manufacturing for the general public in 1930. Manufacturing facilities were located at 110 Main Street, Trotwood, OH. The company is most known for its travel trailers and coaches, but initially did offer a tent trailer known as the Cottage. It was a unique design where the trailer open up to its side, thus doubling the living space, with a canvas tent structure opening up over the top. Literature for this tent trailer has proven quite elusive to find. I suspect the trailer was not in production very long. By 1933 Trotwood Trailer's model line-up included the Cruiser, Ranger, and Cottage. The company lasted until 1981 when a fire destroyed the business.

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