Ski-Tow Manufacturing (Puma)

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Puma Trailers manufactured by:
Ski-Tow Manufacturing Co.
3301 Phillips Street
Elkhart, IN 46514

Founded in 1962 Ski-Tow Mfg was co-owned by husband and wife Charles H. Young and Betty J. Young (Soule) who were married in August 1941. Betty passed away in 1977 at the age of 53. Ski-Tow shows an orphan date of 1980 (maybe 1979). For now it is assumed the brand name was acquired by another manufacturer or up for grabs. More research is still required here.

Puma used two distinct trademarks, one earlier one that was first used in January of 1963 and one later used from 1968 onwards. The second trademark was filed 2-12-1968 and registered on 4-1-1969, serial number 72290902. It expired 11-3-1992.

Ski-Tow was among the first manufacturers of a hard-top tent tent trailer where the beds pulled out fore and aft of the trailer.

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