Marx Trailer

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Sidney S. Marx applied for a patent for his camping trailer on July 26, 1917 and was granted US Patent 1,276,388 on August 20, 1918. Marx Trailer started manufacturing the Komfy Kamper Trailer early 1917, although it produced commercial auto trailers since 1916. Originally named California Trailer and Radiator Company they changed their name to Marx Trailer in September 1919 and incorporated with $200,000 ($2,378,300 in 2007 dollars). The company was first located in San Diego, California but relocated to 1145 Quincy Street, Los Angeles, California in early 1920. At the time of this move O. A. Banker held the job as Sales Manager and Sidney S. Marx was the President.

The Komfy Kamping weighed only 550 lbs and came equipped with the typical features of the era. This included an electric light, dishes and a shower bath (most likely a large metal tub). It was a soft-top tent trailer.

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