Chenango E. & M. Co.

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The Chenango trailers were manufactured in Norwich, New York from 1920 until the mid 1950's. William E. Sherwood of Canastota, New York designed the trailer and filed for a patent on April 28, 1920. A patent was granted to him on October 10, 1922. Click here to view US Patent 1,431,187. The Chenango story is very well documented in the Summer 2008 The Hood Release, which is the quarterly release of the NorthEast Classic Car Museum. Click HERE to visit their website, no doubt it will be one of the first places I stop on a visit to the NorthEast.

According to the source mentioned above W. H. Brennan acquired the patent from Sherwood and with the support of a group of local investors started manufacturing the trailer in August of 1920. An article ran in the Norwich Sun April 21, 1920 newspaper annouced the coming arrival and encouraged local investors to sign up.

The trailer looked different than the type the closed flat. Chenango trailers were more of a triangularshape but still featured the tent-top when folded out. The trailer also has a door and artillery style wheels. It weighed about 850 lbs originally. The above source shows it retailed for $475 while an Ad from 1922 shows it retailed for $375 fully equipped. The Ad goes on to brag that it could be fully setup in 30 seconds! They must have been really quick in those days.

W. H. Brennan retired in 1928 from Chenango but the company continued to manufacture trailers until the mid 1950's.

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