Buob & Scheu

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When I find a company profile well written already there really isn't much sense in simply rewording it. As such I will reference a well-written description I found for this company. I was aware that Buob & Scheu manufactured hauling trailers of the time but I only recently found evidence showing they manufactured a tent trailer as well in 1917.

The following company description is an excerpt from the 1920 Memoirs Of The Miami Valley book.

"In the field of automobile and carriage tops and trimmings, as well as general repair work on automobiles, the firm of Buob & Scheu occupies a prominent position among Cincinnati concerns. This is one of the old and honored business housesof the city, having been founded nearly forty years ago, 1884, by Louis Buob, Sr., the father of the present manager of the business. He was born at Cincinnati and in his youth became a mechanic, working in that capacity for some years and then founding the present business. Later he admitted a partner, Mr. Scheu, and the firm adopted its present style, and when Mr. Scheu left the business the style remained unchanged. At the start of the business. only buggy tops were manufactured, but by 1903, Mr. Buob's foresight told him that this line was to lose prestige because of the constantly growing demand for automobiles, and the plant was accordingly remodeled in order that the chief attention of the owner might be given to the manufacture of tops for the new style of vehicle. This, with general repair work, has formed the principal business of the concern ever since, although a jobbing business in general automobile fabrics is also carried on. Louis Buob, Sr., a capable and industrious business man, and one who always had the sincere respect and confidence of his associates, died at Cincinnati in 1907. and the business is now carried on by his children: Fred, Louis, Marie and Vrone, the first-named being manager. They have in their employ sixty people, in addition to which they maintain a traveling force of five salesmen on the road at all times. The plant occupies a five-story building, 40X1OO feet, and a three-story building, 4ox30 feet, and a four-story structure, 30x60 feet. The concern is known as the largest automobile top people in the city of Cincinnati, and the business is increasing constantly. During the World war, the company was kept busy in filling sub-contracts for the United States Government, and gave employment to. about 120 people during that period. All the children were born at Cincinnati, where they have been given good educational advantages. LouisJ. Buob belongs to the Masonic fraternity, the Junior Order of United American Mechanics and the D. of A., and his brother; Fred, in addition to holding membership in the organizations belongs likewise to the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks and the Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce. Miss Marie Buob is a member of the Order of the Eastern Star. All are popular and have numerous friends."

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